Who We Are

Our office is the result of the meeting of four lawyers with extensive experience in Labor Law, consultancy and litigation, with recognition in the market, having integrated prominent law firms on the national scene in the past, working in complex and strategic cases. Currently, we have a team of 11 lawyers, in addition to the administrative team.

We offer consultative and contentious activities in the areas of Labor Law, Sports Law, Port Labor Law and Union Law. We have experience in litigious cases involving clients in the sectors of geological research and mining, civil construction, infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, banking and pension funds, among others.

In this context, we have relevant experience in acting in repetitive, affected cases, and others that demand specific strategies in the Superior Courts, especially the Superior Labor Court (TST) and the Supreme Federal Court (STF).

We also have experience in due diligence (providing legal information to national and international companies in the context of business acquisitions in Brazil).

Ministers Marco Aurélio Giacomini and Guimarães Falcão act as Consultants for the office.


Oferecemos atuação consultiva e contenciosa nas seguintes áreas.

Labor Law

Sports Law

Port Labor Law

Direito Sindical


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SHIS QL 12 - Conjunto 4 - Casa 2
Península dos Ministros - Lago Sul
CEP: 71.630-245 - Brasília-DF

+55 (61) 3967-7005